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Filter Discs


Stacked disc filter cartridgesStacked disc cartridges consist of multi-layers of filter sheets to provide depth filtration.  The increasingly torturous path the liquid needs to pass through retains an increasingly finer particle size, maximizing filter media efficiency.

The stacks of filter discs are formed into cartridges for easy installation and removal.  These cartridges are highly engineered to ensure precise sealing and durability for the most demanding applications.  Each cartridge has an internal geometry to optimize the liquid flow path and retain the maximum amount of particulate.  There are nine different materials from which the filter discs are made and several different gasket materials to support a range of demanding applications for both group 1 and 2 fluids.  The following chart summarizes the BECO disc offering by retention size, note that the lower three which have  "P" suffix" are typically used for pharmaceutical (API) applications.

fd-discfilters stacked disc filter cartridges