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Filter Discs


BECO INTEGRA DISC P SANITARY STACKED DISC CARTRIDGE HOUSINGSBECO INTEGRA® DISC P 316SS sanitary stacked disc cartridge housings enable depth filtration for clarification, microbe reduction/removable and sterile filtration of liquids typical of the fluids used by biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Designed in accordance to cGMP and FDA guidelines, the Beco Integra Stacked Disc Housing ensures full draining.  The o-ring seal was engineered to support validated CIP procedures and has no blocked areas.

The three leg base assembly has sanitary tri-clamp style inlet and outlet connections.  The circumference of the base assembly is slightly raised to help ensure any residual product is discharged through the outlet port.

The entire assembly employs a DGRL/ASME quick-closure design requiring no tools for disassembly.

The vent assembly illustrated to the left is typical of API applications and it has a diaphragm seal gauge isolator, diaphragm valve and aseptic sight glass.

BECO INTEGRA® DISC sanitary cartridge housings can be built to accept either 12" or 16" diameter stacked disc cartridges.