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Filter Discs


BECO INTERGA DISC I INDUSTRIAL STACKED DISC FILTER HOUSINGBECO INTEGRA® DISC I 316LSS industrial stacked disc cartridge housings are used for applications that do not require a sanitary design.

Designed in accordance to ASME Section VIII Division I pressure vessel standards and European DGRL 97/23EC (fluid group 1)  conformity, all wetted components are made of 316L SS.

The three leg base assembly has both inlet and outlet connections.  The circumference of the base assembly is slightly raised to help ensure any residual product is discharged through the outlet port.

The center disc stack support keeps the media well supported and supports easy handling of media.

BECO INTEGRA® DISC I industrial cartridge housings are designed for operating pressures up to 145 PSI can be built to accept either 12" or 16" diameter stacked disc cartridges.